This site stands for the proposition that responsible adults should be able to choose to cultivate and use marijuana. No one should be sent to jail for using marijuana, nor should anyone be punished for the normal transaction of business that makes use by responsible adults possible.

[Plus, Hot Bluegrass Makes Us HIGH!]
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Written by Ben Scales on April 20, 2002, the song "Growing Marijuana In My Yard," has been downloaded over 200,000 times, and is featured regularly on Ed Rosenthal's 4:20 Report radio show. Go to Ben's Music page to read the lyrics and download the MP3.

Learn to play "Growing Marijuana In My Yard" using the
guitar chord chart.

"The musical highlight of the conference." Steve Bloom, senior editor of High Times magazine, commenting on Ben's performance at the 2003 NORML conference.

NEW! - Video of Ben performing "Growing Marijuana" LIVE!


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