This site was created to seek an end to government oppression of the cannabis plant and the people who need it. Some need it for medical reasons. Some need it to worship God according to their religious beliefs. Some choose to use it recreationally as a non-lethal alternative to alcohol and other inebriants.

This site is about equal rights: We want the same rights as the people who drink beer and smoke tobacco. We want the same protections that are afforded those who take Lipitor or Valium or Prozac, who drink wine as their sacrament.

We want equal rights. We want to be treated equally by our government and by our employers. If we use marijuana irresponsibly, we expect to suffer the consequences of our actions. But if we, as adults, use marijuana responsibly, we expect the same protections from our government as alcohol and tobacco users enjoy.

Most marijuana users are responsible citizens whose only crime is breaking the marijuana law. Close to 600,000 citizens a year are arrested for simple possession of marijuana. College financial aid is denied to millions of Americans solely because they were caught with marijuana. Convicted murderers and rapists are eligible for financial aid, but pot smokers aren't. That's not right.

We want our government to stop lying to us and our children about the dangers of marijuana. The lies our government tells to our school children damage our credibility as we try to warn them of the true dangers of drug use.

We want the freedom of personal responsibility. We want the freedom of personal choice.




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